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[rti4empowerment] Re: Construction Vehicles Of Rutomjee


2011 MAR 01

The Project Manager
The Quality Control Manager
the Human Resources Manager
Chirag Construction RMC

Dear Madames, Sirs,


In reference to your building construction sites, in particular, at road number 1, JVPD, MCGM Ward K West, DN Nagar Traffic Chowkie jurisdiction, NMMIS site.

It is observed that many times, the cement concrete mixers, etc., on contract by Chirag Construction RMC, are frequently and regularly violating traffic rules while loading, unloading, such as

01 Double parking
02 Wrong side parking
03 Going against traffic, in wrong direction
04 Obstructing traffic, specially since both sites are near the corners and junctions of main roads
05 Drivers speaking on mobile while driving, these huge vehicles, not wearing seat belts, etc
06 Not complying with many, if not most of CMVR, pertaining to tyres, lights, horns, PUC, etc

It is earnestly kindly requested, if not expected, that Chirag Construction RMC, a name in the construction and development sector, to follow the laws of the land in all aspects of building from ground breaking, excavation, till completion and occupation, especially since the area is full of students, as on date they are all tense due to their exams, they are highly inconvenienced by the huge vehicles obstructiing their BEST bus stops, entrances, etc.

Unless and until, construction vehicles are given blanket permission to move, stop, halt, load, unload, without heed to traffic rules, etc., again, it is expected Chirag Construction RMC should direct all contractors and sub contractors to strictly adhere to the same.

Surely vehicles and equipment associated with Chirag Construction RMC  can't and shouldn't be compared with those irresponsible drivers who have made traffic on Mumbai's roads the mess it is, and give Chirag Construction RMC  a bad name

As you are giving buildings and projects of certain standards, you will agree, its not only the final finishes, amenities, and facilities that make them such, but all the inputs done before and during construction also.


Jagdeep DESAI

Founder Trustee
Forum for Improving Quality of Life in Mumbai Suburbs


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[rti4empowerment] Re: Permit CNG Filling Only Between 23h00 and 07h00


Dear Ajit,

CNG filling does not increase noise pollution in any extraordinary way at night to the extent there may be violation of noise pollution norms.

Autos fill their tanks during the day, peak hours, after noon to evening.

You can see the obstructions at all CNG stations on S V Road and LBS Marg throughout the day.

This is a very serious traffic obstacle, and makes the pedestrian movement very unsafe.

If the authorities are earnest to reduce congestion and air and noise pollution, the timings should be changed to the night as suggested.




2011/2/28 A.V.Shenoy <>
Dear Jagdeep
Normally Rickshaws fill up CNG in the evening around 8 p.m. when there is a end / change of shift. Asking them to fill up after 11 pm is not a good suggestion. If they fill up in the morning after 6 am you can't object as this is after the noise pollution restriction is over.
2011/2/28 Jagdeep DESAI <>

Traffic doesn't stop at night.

Noise pollution comes from indiscriminately blowing horns, many of then illegal pressure, musical, air, multi tone, poor engine tuning, dysfunctional  silencers, body rattle,etc., and no check by RTA or MTP.

Not when vehicles queue up to fill CNG when there is less traffic all round, and blowing horns by impatient drivers will reduce, engines will not be idle, less wastage of fuel by all other vehicles waiting in jams, etc.

Noise pollution has to be checked by MTP and RTA, throughout the day and night, and not only during some drive or other, and mostly it is some annual formality.

Noise pollution is a menace due to non road worthy vehicles being allowed to ply and race on Mumbai's roads freely without check.

Everybody's nerves are on edge throughout the day, hence good sleep is required, which is absolutely accepted.

In fact, night time filling of CNG will not increase noise pollution to the extent that one one's sleep is adversely affected.

Before vehemently opposing the suggestions, maybe a fair and reasoned analysis of both scenarios can be done, and there are many such suggestions which should be considered in all respects.




On 28 February 2011 12:46, Jagdeep DESAI <> wrote:

In reference to this report, Hindustan Times, 2011 FEB 28

The menace of indisciplined auto, taxi, LMV, LCV, MCV, HCV, contract buses standing any where, any how, any time, is seen at all CNG filling stations.

They block entrances to buildings, even fire stations, BEST bus stops, roads, double park, etc., obstruct safe movement of pedestrians and so on.

In short, they contribute adversely to the traffic, and cause considerable delay in the daily commute when aggregated together.

This can easily be overcome by permitting such filling between 23h00 and 07h00 only.

This will benefit all concerned

01 Less congestion during day working hours,

02 Faster filling due to cooler and quieter conditions on the whole

03 The tanks are filled completely for the whole day

04 No hold ups in traffic, pedestrians can walk on the footpaths, and wait at BEST bus stops, as against not where they have to make way for autos, etc

05 Less noise pollution due to incessant honking by other vehicles trying to make the wrongly parked vehicles waiting for filling, and by default, pedestrians, move out of the way

06 CNG tankers also create major traffic hazards when they come to refill the stations, these, along with all fuel tankers should be allowed only in the night

A GR to this effect is in order


Jagdeep DESAI

Forum for Imroving Quality of Life in Mumbai Suburbs


Residents to knock on traffic cops' door over auto menace
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[rti4empowerment] Fw: [ESG-LIST] Endorse Memorandum Opposing Water Privatisation in Karnataka and Join Protest against US Water Trade Mission, Monday, 28 Feb 2011 [1 Attachment]

[Attachment(s) from Urvi Sukul Singh included below]


Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2011 7:02 PM
Subject: [ESG-LIST] Endorse Memorandum Opposing Water Privatisation in Karnataka and Join Protest against US Water Trade Mission, Monday, 28 Feb 2011


JOIN the Mass Protest against anti-people water policies of Karnataka and the US Water Trade Mission on 28 February

Bangalore Mass Protest Rally commences at 10.00 AM at BWSSB (Cauvery Bhavan, K. G. Road) and proceeds to Gandhi Statue (at Maurya Hotel, Anand Rao Circle), proximal to Taj Westend (Race Course Road) venue of the US Water Trade Mission

Please sign the memorandum against water privatisation in Karnataka and the Government's support to the controversial US Water Trade Mission.  This will be submitted to the Chief Minister of Karnataka.  Kindly leave your affiliation in the comments section (as Individual with place, or Name of Organisation with place).

You can also encourage your friends and colleagues to participate in the sign on appeal by forwarding them this message:

Hi,  I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed:  "Oppose Water Privatisation in Karnataka"  I really think this is an important cause, and I'd like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It's free and takes just a few seconds of your time.  Thanks! 

To know why you need to oppose the Karnataka Urban Water Policy and the US Water Trade Mission, please read the Memorandum to the Chief Minister (to be submitted with endorsements) below.  Also review the attachments (zipped).

In solidarity

Peoples' Campaign for Right to Water

Issac Arul Selva
Slum Jagatthu

Kshithij Urs-
Action Aid

Leo Saldanha
Environment Support Group


We write to express our deepest concern and disappointment over the continuing support of the Government of Karnataka to the policy of Commodification and Privatisation of Water. This is in complete disregard and contravention of the Constitutional Guarantee of Right of Access to Water as an integra part of the Right to Live.

Karnataka Chief Minister Mr. Yeddurappa has pitched the 2011 Budget as pro-people and pro-farmer. However, agencies connected with the Urban Development Ministry of the Karnataka Government, such the Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation (KUIDFC), Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Board (KUWSSB) and Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) are actively preparing to receive a delegation of 16 American Corporations. These Corporations are advocating that "water resources that are allocated to the agricultural sector" be minimised as part of "water conservation" efforts and are intending to exploit business opportunities to provide "safe water for personal consumption and for industrial use". All this is considered to be part of their intent of capture the proclaimed US$50 billion water market in India. Such commodification of water attacks Constitutional Guarantees and the participation of State agencies in such a programme exposes the emptiness of the Chief Minister's claims that the Government works for common people.

The Mission Statement of the US Water Trade Mission to India 2011 which backs this visit also intends to exploit opportunities that "bypass the inadequate municipal system" so that "US water and waste water technology companies initiate and/or expand their exports to India …. (and) find best opportunities in sanitation, urban water supply improvement, rainwater capture, and municipal waste treatment." The Trade Mission thus treats with contempt our Constitution and Constitutionally elected bodies.

Karnataka Urban Development Minister opposed Water Privatisation, and then retracts:

To press for withdrawing support to the impending Trade Mission (28 Feb-4 March, 2011), we met with Shri. Suresh Kumar, Urban Development Minister on 23 February 2011, which involved the participation of senior officials from KUIDFC and BWSSB. At that time Shri. Kumar categorically stated that he was opposed to privatization of water, and also asserted that Karnataka Government would never allow commodification and privatization of drinking water. However, Mr. Kumar has later reinterpreted his commitment against water privatization on his blog, by claiming that we are confused about our understanding of the nature of privatization of water, and that "there is a distinct difference between privatization and private participation"; thus attempting to promote the view that our concerns are not reasonable and tenable.

But facts speak otherwise. What emerged in the meeting with Mr. Kumar was that neither he as Minister of the State nor the BWSSB or KUIDFC or any of the other agencies of the State assisting the US Water Trade Mission, had at all been formally approached by the US Consul General or the US Commerce Ministry as per protocol and to seek permission for such a Trade Mission. Mr. Kumar read out an email that had been received only recently by BWSSB where the US Consul General merely intimated the agency of the impending Water Trade Missions, sought entry into various water facilities and meetings with various agencies and local official. If this is not evidence of the scant respect the US Government has demonstrated for a Minister and Government agencies, what is?

Karnataka Policy Promotes Water Privatisation Unconstitutionally:

We addressed Mr. Kumar with our fundamental concern that such Water Trade Missions are encouraged because of because of the Karnataka Urban Drinking Water and Sanitation Policy, 2002. The basic objective of this policy is to "ensure universal coverage of water and sanitation services that people want and are willing to pay for". There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to demonstrate that in a State with a majority of the urban population being poor, that people want to and can afford to pay for drinking water. The fact that they are coerced to out of sheer necessity should never have been used as a basis for arguing in favouring of willingness to pay.

Based on such spurious and unsubstantiated claims, parastatal and publicly unaccountable agencies such as BWSSB, KUWSSB, KUIDFC, etc. have been systematically promoting projects that privatise supply of drinking water. Without any substantive debate, or deliberate, prior and informed consent, these agencies have coerced Municipal Councils into agreeing to privatise drinking water services, to the detriment of the community, especially the poor.

The policy also promotes the role of the State to be one of organizing bulk water resources so that the distribution of drinking water would be parceled out to the private sector based on "commercial viability of operations to recover from the users of water the full cost of providing service". This with the clear and categorical intent of establishing an "appropriate cost recovery mechanism through adequate tariff to ensure that revenues cover operations and maintenance costs, debt service plus a reasonable return on capital" favouring the private investor. With such a sweet deal there is absolutely no business risk to invest in the "water market" as they State absorbs all such costs.

US Water Trade Mission out to make money out of Peoples Drinking Water needs:

It is no surprise then, that a fundamental life sustaining resource is now being perceived by American corporations as a 50 billion dollar business opportunity. The US Water Trade Mission clarifies that it is the objective of the American Government to "assist US companies to seize (such) export opportunities in (the water) sector".

We are extremely distressed that the Karnataka Government under Mr. Yeddyurappa's leadership is resorting to doublespeak. While proclaiming the purpose of governance to be pro-poor and pro-farmer, and even as Mr. Suresh Kumar claims that he is opposed to privatization of water, why then are Government agencies supporting the US Water Trade Mission. This when their stated objective is to overlook Constitutional Guarantees, belittle elected representatives and elected bodies, while also questioning our traditional and scientific wisdom of provisioning and supplying drinking water for all. It is because of this duplicitous position that it is critical that the government make a clear and categorical statement distancing the Government from the US Water Trade Mission, and only such a move will reassure the public. A further step that is essential is to repeal the Karnataka Urban Water Policy that paves way for such illegal efforts to take over our water, and commodify and trade with our life sustaining resources and our commons.

We can solve our water problem without privatisation.  Only political will and transparency are required:

As has been demonstrated by Karnataka State Council of Science and Technology by rainwater proofing 16,000 public schools (a world record), and thus providing drinking water, we have all the skill, capacity and traditional knowledge of harvesting rain. If only the Government were to come down heavily on polluters everywhere, it is only a matter of years before our rivers, lakes and village ponds will be brimming with clean water. If the Government introduced a strong legislation to regulate the ongoing reckless mining of ground and surface water resources by water mafias, and not support anyone in the government who are engaged in this criminal trade, not only would this build water security but the trust of people as well.

There is sufficient intelligence and capacity within our State's communities to build water security, and thereby social and ecological security. For this to be realised Karnataka Government needs to establish Constitutionally mandated District and Metropolitan Planning Committees based on representation from local elected bodies and other local expertise and act in a publicly accountable, transparent and representative manner in planning the utilisation of natural resource as required per the Nagarapalika Act. Such bodies in collaboration with local elected municipal bodies must be entrusted with the task of deciding matters relating to provisioning of the drinking water needs for all. Consequently, agencies such as KUWSSB, KUIDFC, etc., whose main intent seems to be to recklessly and criminally pave the way for global private water corporations to make money out of our life sustaining resource, must be abolished.


  1. It is the constitutional responsibility of the State as Custodian to protect water as our commons. In addition, the State must promote policies and practices that advance equity in access and distribution of water based on sound principle of ecological and social justice.

  2. The Karnataka Urban Drinking Water and Sanitation Policy 2002 must be repealed and the State must own up and undertake its obligatory functions of providing safe drinking water for all as per the Constitution of India.

  3. The Operation and Maintenance (O and M) of water services in Hubli, Dharwad, Belgaum and Gulbarga has been undemocratically handed over to Veolia, a multi-national French company. The entire water services in Mysore have also been given away to JUSCO, a TATA Company. Such privatisation practices must immediately be remunicipalised. Consequently, the State must put an end to any ongoing or future efforts of privatising water and sanitation services across Karnataka.

  4. The campaign demands that the US Water Trade Mission to Bangalore be canceled. If the Trade Mission still persists on coming to Bangalore, there should not be any participation of elected representatives and any State agencies in such an illegal mission. Any such participation would amount to Government's solidarity with the American programme to commodify and control our waters, to the detriment of the Karnataka and its people.

  5. Thousands of public taps that have been removed to ensure a monopoly by water companies resulting in devastating impacts on the lives of the poor should be immediately restored and safe and sufficient drinking water must be supplied to poorer localities immediately.

Issued by:

Peoples' Campaign for Right to Water and Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (Karnataka State Farmers Association)

Environment, Social Justice and Governance Initiatives Environment Support Group Trust 1572, 36th Cross, Banashankari II Stage Bangalore 560070 Tel: 91-80-26713559-61 Voice/Fax: 91-80-26713316 Email: Web:

Esglist mailing list 



Attachment(s) from Urvi Sukul Singh

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[rti4empowerment] Date for fasting


Dear Friends,

Why announce a specific date for fasting?

If one wants to sit for fasting, one can do so immediately, or is there any problem of dates like film stars?

Please provide reasons in compliance with section 4(1)(d) of the RTI Act, 2005.

Best Regards,


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[rti4empowerment] Fwd: National Campaign Against Corruption - Since 1992: Rs. 73000000000000 Cr. (73 Lakh Crore) gone.. - Time For Decisive Action - Please spare only few minutes.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Surendra Srivastava <>
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2010 20:03:33 +0530
Subject: National Campaign Against Corruption - Since 1992: Rs.
73000000000000 Cr. (73 Lakh Crore) gone.. - Time For Decisive Action -
Please spare only few minutes.

National Campaign Against Corruption
*Time For Decisive Action - Please spare only few minutes. Please
*Country will ever be grateful to you for your participation. We really
think this is an important cause as the corrupt posed a greater threat to
the country than terrorists.

* Join hands to build an Aandolan against Bhrashtaachaar in
India. *

Dear Friends,

*Country will ever be grateful to you for your participation. We really
think this is an important cause as the corrupt posed a greater threat to
the country than terrorists.**

Therefore please join in National Campaign Against Corruption by promoting
with others *all* or *any *of the following action.

*1- Send an email to PM* - PM's email ID & the message format is appended
*2- Send a post card to PM.* PM's postal address & the message format
is appended below;
*3- Send one Rs. Money order to PM.* PM's postal address & the message
format is appended below;
*4- Sign an on line petition to PM.*

*5- Circulate this mail to all your contacts (Indian Citizen)*

The CAG's report on the 2G spectrum has proven beyond reasonable doubt that
this is a scam of massive proportions involving corruption, arbitrariness,
loss to the public exchequer, and abuse of authority at the highest levels
of the government involving politicians, civil servants and even corporate
houses. The CAG's estimate (which was based on the prices paid by bidders in
the auction of 3G spectrum) indicate that the Indian exchequer was defrauded
to the extent of a staggering 1,52,000 crores!

In the recent past, we have also witnessed the ugly and shameful corruption
surrounding the Commonwealth Games and the Adarsh Housing Society scam in
Mumbai. These are only a few scams that have seen the light of the day. Not
a single day goes without some scam taking place somewhere in the country,
and in a growing economy like India, in the absence of adequate safeguards,
we can be certain of continued corruption.

Yet, the public debate seems to be focused on superficial measures such as
removal of a minister/chief minister, and constituting a parliamentary
committee for investigation. While they may be necessary measures in the
short run, there is nothing on the anvil to either punish the guilty
parties, take corrective measures to make good the loss to the exchequer,
and prevent corruption from taking place in the future.

The need of the hour is tangible, decisive action for combating corruption.
We took the initiative to create a common platform – "National Campaign
against Corruption" to bring together eminent Indians from various walks of
life, and like minded civil society organizations from across the country.
We aim to channelize the public outrage constructively, and put pressure on
the government and political parties to achieve tangible institutional
changes for effectively combating corruption.
*As part of this effort, from now we encourage you to write to the Prime
Minister (*** <>*, *** <>*) and demand concrete steps to punish the
guilty parties and affect institutional changes as outlined below:*

*Esteemed Prime Minister,*

*In the light of the 2G spectrum scam, and evidence of rampant corruption in
many other areas, we urge you to protect national interest by taking the
following measures:*

- *Cancel the 2G spectrum allocation.*
- *Get our money back.*
- *Punish the Corrupt.*
- ***
- Enact laws to protect from future scams.*

*Yours sincerely,*
*X X X *

We encourage you to spread this message and make your friends and associates
write to the Prime Minister. He should hear from millions of Indians who are
deeply concerned about mounting corruption in the country and want concrete,
effective steps to cleanse our public life. We encourage you to visit and sign an online petition at to the Prime Minister.

Wherever possible, please encourage young people, college students, and
enlightened citizens to send the same message by post cards addressed to the
Prime Minister by name at: Dr. Manmohan Singh, R.No.148 B, South Block, New
Delhi 110001. Also Re.1 money order can be sent to the Prime Minister with
the same message. The Money Order will cost Rs.2.25 (Re.1 + Re.1 as MO fee
and Rs.0.25 for the MO form), and has the added advantage of someone in PMO
having to acknowledge it.

Please ensure that your name, address and email or phone number is listed on
your email or post card to lend authenticity to your message.

We will keep you posted on our future plan of action and other developments
from time to time.

Warm regards

Jayaprakash Narayan

National Campaign against Corruption




* *

There is enormous public anger at the unsavoury corruption revealed in the
2G Spectrum, Adarsh housing society, and the Commonwealth games scams. To
channelize this anger and the desire for change effectively, *Dr.Jayaprakash
Narayan* took the initiative to create a non-party platform – "*National
Campaign against Corruption"* to bring together eminent Indians and like
minded civil society organizations from across the country* *to put pressure
on the government and political parties to achieve tangible institutional
changes for combating corruption.

*Q. What is the 2G Spectrum Scam? *

In 2008, the union government awarded pan India licenses and second
generation telecom spectrum to 9 companies in 122 circles for offering
mobile telephony services. These licenses were awarded in an arbitrary and
non-transparent manner for a paltry sum of Rs1658 crores, which was the
price discovered in 2001, when the teledensity was very low.

*Q. Who are allegedly involved in the scam?*

- Telecom Minister A.Raja
- Corporate Houses
- Government Officials
- Corporate Lobbyists
- Media Houses

*Q. What is the amount of scam involved?*

Based on the subsequent auction of airwaves for third generation (3G)
services, which fetched nearly Rs. 63,000 crores, and that for broadband
access, which fetched over Rs. 35,700 crores, the notional loss to the
exchequer due to under pricing of 2G spectrum was estimated by the CAG to be
a whopping Rs. *1,76,000 crores !!*


*Q. What does Rs 1.76 lakh crore mean to our nation?*


- 4 Times the money used to build the golden quadrilateral connecting
delhi, mumbai, chennai, kolkata - to improve our road connectivity and
trigger economic growth.
- 30 lakh RTC buses - Could be a big boost for our defunct public
- 11 crore buffaloes - Could improve our dairy sector
- 1868 Nagarjunsagar dams - Could vastly improve irrigation sector (No
more need for loan waivers)
- 23 Shamshabad airports - Could improve the aviation sector big time.
- 25 Lakh Nursing homes - Could be a big boost of our disastrous health
sector (India remains home to one-third of the world's undernourished
children. )
- 30 Lakhs Schools - Can go a long way in improving our literacy rate -
- 35 Crore Computers - Could establish India as the IT capital of the
- 504 Fighter Jets - Could strengthen our defense system in a big way.

*Q. Can this money be recovered?*

Yes. Under Section 23 and 24 of the Indian Contracts Act 1872, a contract
becomes void if it is tainted with corruption. The government can cancel the
current licenses and recover the lost money by fresh allocation of 2G
spectrum through international competitive bidding after laying down
transparent eligibility criteria in consultation with TRAI (Telecom
Regulatory Authority of India).

*Q. Did we ever recover such scam money previously?*


Yes. In 2007, the Indian Army did not hesitate to scrap a $600 million-worth
deal for 197 helicopters with Eurocopter, the world's largest maker of civil
and military helicopters (and a subsidiary of EADS, the European defence and
aerospace group), following the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC)'s
criticism of the bidding process and illegal use of middlemen, violative of
the existing policy of prohibiting middlemen in military deals. The Army
subsequently went in for a fresh and open bidding process.

*Q. Do we have enough evidence to prove the scam?*


There were many events leading to the day when the licenses were given...

- TRAI had recommended auctioning of spectrum at market rates.
- Raja ignored advice of TRAI, Law Ministry, Finance Ministry and even
the PMO.
- Licenses issued on a first-come-first-served basis
- Cut-off date for applications advanced by a week
- Rules changed after the game had begun.
- One more clinching evidence is that the bidders were asked to give a
bank guarantee of 1600 cr, and the time given to satisfy the clause - 45
mins. Its impossible for even the biggest of the corporate houses to arrange
for such a huge money in just 45 mins. But, the successful bidders were able
to provide the bank guarantee. If they did not had prior knowledge about the
clause, how can they arrange for it? This proves clear favoritism.

*Q. What should the government do?*

As we discussed before, the immediate steps should be to recover the scam
money by canceling the licenses and issue new licenses international
competitive bidding. But there should be some long term measures to
eradicate the menace of corruption from our country. A JPC or PAC as
demanded by the opposition will not do any good .

- *Enact *a comprehensive anti-corruption law and create an Independent
Anti-Corruption Commission (IACC). IACC set up in Hong Kong in 1974 reduced
corruption within a few years. When it was first set up, wags referred to
the ICAC as "I can accept cash". However, the ICAC has worked, precisely
because it is independent.
- *Enact *a Windfall Profits Tax law (on the lines of the UK law 1997),
which will provide for stiff taxation of windfall profits earned by
corporates in the exploitation of natural resources either because of
monopoly or a change in the global economic environment. The companies that
cornered the 2G spectrum licenses through questionable means and sold them
within weeks for astronomical sums should be subjected to the proposed
windfall profits tax. Such a law will also help tax the abnormal profits
made in the mining and other sectors.
- *Enact* a False Claims Act (on the lines of the U.S. law). If the
exchequer incurs any loss because of fraud or misrepresentation or violation
of the due process as determined by an independent, competent authority, the
guilty will have to pay a civil penalty equivalent to three to five times
the loss sustained. The U.S. Government has collected over $24 billion from
corporates under this Act.

There is evidence that significant reduction in corruption alone will
enhance economic growth rate by 1.5 to 2 percent per annum. Recent estimates
indicate that nearly ` 21 lakh crores of tax evaded money earned through
corruption and dishonest business practices is stashed away outside India
debt. Honesty is not merely a moral imperative; it is an economic necessity
to accelerate and sustain high growth rates and eliminate poverty.



Surendra Srivastava
Founder - Maharashtra Chapter & Volunteer - Lok Satta Aandolan
Base Unit-4, Bycula Service Industries Premises,
Dadoji Konddeo Road, Bycula (East), Mumbai 400027
Tel: 00 91 22 2377 2242

If India wins, who loses?

उर्वशी शर्मा
"सूचना का अधिकार " हेल्पलाइन: 8081898081

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

[rti4empowerment] The position of Rajiv case


Dt.28.02 2010

The prime minister of India,

New Delhi.

Sub: Position of investigation in Rajiv assassination.. reg.


On P.Chidambaram, Justice M.C.Jain, who headed the one man commission which looked into the “wider conspiracy” angle of Rajiv assassination, observed as follow as appeared in India Today ,dated Nov.17,1997.Our country’s ill fate he is the Home Minister of our country.

“ In the speech of (Lok Sabha, February 25, 1991)..... he demanded a public inquiry into all that has happened in Tamil Nadu affecting .... National security and public order. According to him it was not only a matter of law and order but a problem affecting national security and he demanded an assurance from the prime minister that the public inquiry committee will be constituted to go into all that has happened in the latter half of 1989 and in 1990, into all that the DMK did in furtherance of its clandestine and secret objective of carving out a separate Tamil Nadu in support of secessionism.

P. Chidambaram, in his deposition on 21.11. 1996, stated (Annexure M- 122) : “My speech in Parliament reflected the position of my party on the issue of the dismissal of the DMK government and proclamation of President’s rule in Tamil Nadu, that was a political statement made on behalf of my party in the debate on President’s Rule. I offered in my speech to lead evidence to substantiate the allegations on behalf of the party. I had no difference with what I had expressed in Parliament on behalf of the party...Although Chidambaram adhered to the contents of his speech in the Lok Sabha made on 25. 2. 91, it looked from his deposition that he has gone a little mild and soft in his deposition as compared to the contents of his speech.... Can a Member of Parliament be allowed to speak anything he likes in total disregard of the truth ?...”

It may be stated that Chidambaram was there in the government of P. V. Narasimha Rao and besides that, he as also given additional charge relating to matters connected with the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi... It was expected from P. Chidambaram that he would place all material and adduce all ... Why he did not choose to act, is best known to him. I have sent number of petitions to the home ministry with no result. I do not have faith in the present Home minister, that is why I am sending this petition to you sir.

In 1998 the MDMA was formed to investigate the findings of Jain Commission, vide OFFICE MEMORANDUM No.201/4/98 A VD II, Government Of India , ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Department of Personnel and Training New Delhi dated the December 2 1998.It was decided to investigate the complicity of Sh.Chandraswamy, Sh.adnan Khasoggi,Sh. SubrasmaniamSwamy, KP@Kumaram Padmanathan ,Subbulakshmi Jagadeesan and Shri. M. Karunanidhi. The MDMA is in the thirteenth year and has not effected even a single arrest and it is obvious the MDMA has virtually lost track of the case.

Smt. Subbulakshmi jagadeesna was made a Minister in the union ministry and Shri karunanidhi is fifth time chief minister of tamilnadu in alliance with the party which is headed by sonia the widow of Rajiv Gandhi. smt sonia and karunanidhi says their alliance is so strong that even the arrest of Raja in the 2 G spectrum scandal cannot spoil their friendship. It clearly shows that the jain commission report was not accorded the importance which it deserve.

As a patriot and son of a Freedom fighter , I wish to bring the following facts to your notice in the belief that at least in this matter you will act as The prime Minister of INDIA.. For your information I was a member of the Special Investigation team ,Central Bureau of Investigation which investigated the Rajiv assassination. I am 100% sure the investigation was doctored tailored and truncated with lot of omissions and commissions. I was shell shocked and I took Voluntary retirement at the age 45 and since then fighting to unearth the truth behind the assassination of Poor Rajiv Gandhi.

Kumaran padmanathan, “KP” of Ltte.

The MDMA had approached more than 20 countries regarding “KP” However the CBI/ MDMA fail to unearth anything against “KP”. But when it was reported in 2007 from Thailand that “KP” was detained by Thai Police, the then External Minister Pranab Mukhergee promptly and aggressively rubbished the reports of detention of K. P.

Now , After the reported killing of LTTE chief Prabakaran In 2009 , “K P” was arrested by Sri Lankan authorities from Malaysia. Since then He is in the custody of Sri Lanka reportedly enjoying ROYAL treatment. Recent news says that he is likely to be given amnesty by thew srilankan government and it is also reported he is having plans to float his own Political party. Our government which rubbished the Thai report of KPs arrest is maintaining thundering silence about KP now.

The CBI/MDMA is maintaining thundering suspect silence over the matter of “K P”. Under normal circumstances K. P should have been brought to India & Questioned reg. his role in Rajiv Gandhi assassination. But nothing of that sort happened. In the mean time Pro- LTTE elements in india’s Tamil Nadu have brazenly questions the very integrity of India. Attacks on army convoy, burning of national flags, displaying the photographs of the slain LTTE leader Velupillai prabakaran in posters and banners all over Tamilnadu.I wonder in Tamilnadu whether the ban on LTTE is effectively impleamented. One Veluswamy claiming to be a congress worker had approached The Supreme Court in July 2010 to seek release of the convicts of Rajiv Gandhi case who are in jail. However the Supreme Court dismissed his plea.

I request you call for the records concerning “KP” from the MDMA and to take immediate steps to secure the presence of “KP” and interrogate him regarding his role in the assassination. The silence of the Indian government during the war in Srilanka with the LTTE when thousands of innocent tamils were killed and made to live in inhuman conditions arouses in me a suspicion that the Indian government is blackmailed by the srilankans with the confessional statement of KP @ Kumaran padmanthan which might be against the interests of some powerful persons in India. when the war was at its peak our government sent team India cricket to play cricket in srilanka to entertain the murderous srilankans. The Indian government accorded red carpet welcome to Mahinda rajapakshe during the common wealth games unmindful of the sentiments of the Indian tamils. The unabated killings of the Indian fishermen is sowing the seeds of separatism in he minds of gullible Indian tamils who are brainwashed by certain section of radical tamil elements. The tamil nadu chief minister Karunanidhi says he is sticking on to power only to save those who are indulging in anti national activities.[my complaint regarding this sent to the home minister is enclosed]. I request the prime minister to wake up to the realities and save the country from blood shed. The government should come out in the open regarding the role played by KP in rajiv assassination.I have a strong suspicion the government is hiding something in respect of KP. More over I call upon the Prime minister to solve the disputes tamilnadu having with the border states over water issue.


The CBI/MDMA is silent reg. the role of tantric Chandra Swamy who once the CBI claimed that they have box full of evidence to prove that Chandraswamy funded LTTE Prabhakaran to eliminate Rajiv Gandhi. The CBI convinced a judicial magistrate in Delhi in Dec 2004 at an in-camera hearing. Again in2007, the CBI tried to impress the judges of the Delhi High Court reg. the involvement of Chadraswamy in RajivGandhi case and the Delhi High Court pulled up the CBI for delay in concluding investigation in RajivGandhi case. Again in 2009, the enforcement Directorate submitted before Supreme Court the role of Chandraswamy in Rajiv Gandhi case.

So far no worthy action is seems to have been taken in respect of KP and chandrswamy.But the Indian government is giving useless extensions to the MDMA which is wasting the poor nations money without doing any credible work.

I request a reply may be sent to me within ten days on receipt of this petition other wise I will be constrained to seek remedy in a court of law.

Thanking you,

in the service of this great nation ,

J .mohanraj94440 18543


The President of india

The director CBI.
The home minister sonia

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