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[rti4empowerment] The primemi “Kautilya to Chandragupta on the Mauryan Soldier” – Air Marshal Inamdar


Subject: The primemi "Kautilya to Chandragupta on the Mauryan Soldier" – Air Marshal Inamdar
Date: Monday, April 30, 2012, 7:59 PM


Chanakya to chandragupt -- make the prime minister and the MP'S read this article -- written 2000 years ago

From: Raksha Aggarwal  -;


The primemi "Kautilya to Chandragupta on the Mauryan Soldier" – Air Marshal Inamdar

, "It is truly amazing how those observations continue to be so completely relevant today, even after 2000 years." I am reproducing it in full below with emphasis added:

The Mauryan soldier does not himself the Royal treasuries enrich nor does he the Royal granaries fill.

He does not himself carry out trade and commerce nor produce scholars, thinkers, littérateurs, artistes, artisans, sculptors, architects, craftsmen, doctors and administrators. He does not himself build roads and ramparts nor dig wells and reservoirs. He does not himself write poetry and plays, paint or sculpt, nor delve in metaphysics, arts and sciences. He does not do any of this directly as he is neither gifted, trained nor mandated to do so.

The soldier only and merely ensures that:

The tax, tribute and revenue collectors travel far and wide unharmed and return safely;

The farmer tills, grows, harvests, stores and markets his produce unafraid of pillage & plunder;

The trader, merchant and moneylender function and travel across the length and breadth of the realm unmolested; The savant, sculptor, painter, maestro and master create works of art,

literature, philosophy, astronomy and astrology in peace & quietitude; The architect designs and builds his Vaastus without tension; The tutor ('acharya'), the mentor ('guru') and the priest ('purohit') teach and preach in tranquility; The sages ('rishis, munis, and tapaswees') meditate and undertake penance in wordless silence; The doctor ('vaidyaraja') tends to the ill and the infirm well, adds to the pharmacopoeia, discovers new herbs and invents new medical

formulations undisturbed; The mason, the bricklayer, the artisan, the weaver, the tailor, the

jeweller, the potter, the carpenter, the cobbler, the cowherd ('gopaala') and the smith work unhindered; The mother, wife and governess go about their chores and bring up children in harmony and tranquility;

The aged and the disabled are well taken care of, tended to and are able to fade away gracefully and with dignity; cattle graze freely without being lifted or harmed by miscreants.

He is thus the VERY BASIS and silent, barely visible CORNERSTONE of our fame, culture, physical well being and prosperity; in short, of the entire nation building activity.

He DOES NOT perform any of these chores himself directly: he ENABLES the rest of us to perform these without let, hindrance or worry ('nirbhheek and nishchinta'). Our military sinews, on the other hand, lend credibility to our pronouncements of adherence to good Dharma, our goodwill, amiability and peaceful intentions towards all our neighbour nations ('sarve bhavantu sukhinaha, sarve santu niramayaha…') as also those far away and beyond.

These also serve as a powerful deterrent against military misadventure by any one of them against us.

If Pataliputra reposes each night in peaceful comfort, O King, it is so because she is secure in the belief that the distant borders of Magadha are inviolate and the interiors are safe and secure, thanks to the mighty Mauryan Army constantly patrolling and standing vigil with naked swords and eyes peeled for action ('animish netre'), day and night ('ratrau-divase'), in weather fair and foul, dawn-to-dusk-to-dawn ('ashtau prahare'), quite unmindful of personal discomfort and hardship, loss of life and limb, separation from the family, all through the year, year after year ('warsha nu warshe').

While the Magadha citizenry endeavours to make the State prosper and flourish, the Mauryan soldier guarantees that the State continues to EXIST! He is the silent 'sine qua non' of our very being! To this man, O Rajadhiraja, you owe a debt for that very guarantee which is the vital key-stone of our nationhood arch. Please, therefore, see to it, suo motu, that you are constantly alive and sensitive to the soldier's legitimate dues in every form and respect, be those his needs or his wants, including his place in the social order. Do thereafter ('tadanantara') ensure that he receives these in time or preferably ahead of time, in full measure, for he is NOT likely to ask for them himself.

This is so because before getting so completely wrapped up in his onerous, harsh and exalted charge, the soldier has assumed with good reason that the State, in return for his extraordinary burden and services, has freed him from all responsibility towards his own present and future welfare as also that of his family back home in the hinterland. He is thus very clear in his mind when deployed at a distant border outpost, fighting lumpen groups within Magadha or when

campaigning in far away lands that he need only look out in FRONT for the enemy of the State and concentrate only on his MILITARY ONUS and aim ('shatrunjaya'), completely free of all temporal worries. This assumption is a holy sacrament and an unwritten covenant that exists between him and the State. And rightly so!

If ever things come to a sordid pass, O King, when, on a given day, the Mauryan soldier has to LOOK BACK over his shoulder ('Simhawalokana') prompted by even a single nagging worry about his and his family's material, physical and social well being, it should cause you and your Council the greatest concern and distress!

I beseech you to take instant note and act with uncommon dispatch to address the soldier's anxiety. It could be on account of harsh living conditions, inequitable material compensation or asymmetric Court or societal dispensations affecting either his self respect or his family's material welfare, or both. If any in your household, in your Council or among your courtiers is/ are responsible for allowing matters to come to such a pass, punish him/ them exemplarily without loss of time and send him/ them to serve for four cycles of seasons ('Chaturrutuchakre')  alongside the soldiers, on the border outposts.

If they perish, those would be their just desserts. If they survive, they will return wiser and wizened, more responsive to and with greater empathy for the soldier's cause. If you first learn of your soldiers' problems and needs from your own trusted informers ('gupt doota') and NOT from the Commander-in-Chief ('Senapati') himself, relieve him of his charge and retain him not for another day. No matter how good a horseman ('Ashwarohi'), a swordsman ('Khadgaveera'), a wrestler ('Malla'), an archer (Dhanurdhara) or a tactician ('Rana neetigya') he is, dismiss him ('ardha Chandra prayoga') for failing to keep his ear close to the military ground. Dismiss him also for not having the gumption and courage to be the first to tell you of the soldiers' anxiety and needs before the others do. The Senapati owes a downward loyalty and sensitivity to his troops in much the same way and measure as he owes these upwards to you, for this is a unique and age-old essential feature of sound military leadership and an article of faith between the troops and the General!

It is my bounden duty to caution you, My Lord, that the day when the Mauryan soldier has to demand his dues or, worse, plead for them, will neither have arrived suddenly, overnight nor in vain. It will also bode ill for Magadha. For then, on that day, you, My Lord, will have lost all moral sanction to be Rajadhiraja ! It will also mark the beginning of the end of the Mauryan Empire!

Please share…this ought to be read widely – especially with those at the helm of our affairs.


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[rti4empowerment] Re: --- Illegal parking By MCV, HCV, Contract Buses, Water Tankers, Etc., In No parking Areas of Lallubhai Park Area --- [2 Attachments]

[Attachment(s) from Jagdeep DESAI included below]

D N Nagar Traffic Chowkie


The parking of HCV, contract buses, water tankers delivery vehicles, in no parking and no entry to heavy vehicles zones, wrongly parked private vehicles at corner of Lallubhai Park, continues, even overnight, as can be seen in the photo, taken on 2012 APR 28, around 4.00 pm,   outside Andheri Telephone Exchange, opposite Lallubhai Park.

Kindly use your good offices to stop this, and take effective action,  otherwise it is not long before the Lallubhai Park area will become a haven for safe parking for such goods, water  and passenger transport vehicles like Dharavi, like so many areas of SV Road, almost whole of LBS Marg from South to North, and Link Road, WEH, EEH, service roads, and many other roads lost to rules and regulations, etc.



On Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 12:09 PM, Jagdeep DESAI <> wrote:
D N Nagar Traffic Chowkie


The parking of HCV, contract buses, water tankers delivery vehicles, in no parking and no entry to heavy vehicles zones, wrongly parked private vehicles at corner of Lallubhai Park, continues, even overnight, as can be seen in the photo, taken on 2012 APR 28, around 4.30 am, outside Andheri Telephone Exchange, opposite Lallubhai Park.

Kindly use your good offices to stop this, otherwise it is not long before the Lallubhai Park area will become a haven for safe parking for such goods, water  and passenger transport vehicles like Dharavi, like so many areas of SV Road, almost whole of LBS Marg from South to North, and Link Road, WEH, EEH, service roads, and many other roads lost to rules and regulations, etc.




On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 10:59 PM, Jagdeep DESAI <> wrote:
Dear Ameet,

The parking of HCV, contract buses, water tankers delivery vehicles, in no parking and no entry to heavy vehicles zones, wrongly parked private vehicles at corner of Lallubhai Park, continues due to their confidence of no action against them, even though the tow chains race past them without any concern.

The tow chains continue to be driven rashly, recklessly, dangerously.

Kindly use your good offices to bring these drivers to drive safely so that pedestrians and other users are not at risk.

The water tanker drivers are equally arrogant and park anywhere now.




On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 9:31 AM, Jagdeep DESAI <> wrote:
Dear Ameet,

Reference the sms text messages to you, yesterday, regarding the parking of the huge dumper near Sardar Patel Garden.

The same communication was sent to the MTP as well, twice.

This truck, Thane registered,  MH 04 FJ  6543, of Fatima Transport has been parked on Lallubhai Park Road East whole day yesterday, 2012 MAR 21, and overnight.

It has been parked earlier also, and no action was taken by MTP on this.

This is highly unacceptable in a purely residential area.

The MTP and MCGM are ignoring the genuine residents, and allowing such unauthorised parking in the area of not only outside vehicles, but trucks of this size, which is highly dangerous for residents.

This is getting increasingly frequent.

Already water tankers and contract buses use the area for parking, day and night, now large heavy vehicles are using this otherwise safe and secure area for residents.

Apart from this, such large vehicles cause totally avoidable traffic jams when they use the narrow bridge over Irla Nallah, connecting Lallubhai Park Road East to Irla.

The bridge itself is encroached by unauthorised storage and dumping of materials from nearby shops and houses.

Delivery trucks, kerosene tankers, school buses also park on and around this bridge, again blocking through traffic.

An example is the regular violation by gas cylinder delivery trucks just on the corner of Bajaj Road, opposite Vishwakarma Hall, Vile Parle West, opposite the gas cylinder dealer, who uses the road around as if it is the property of the dealer.

The photo shows the truck casually and callously parked, as it is since years, at the corner, wrong direction and side, and in the authorised taxi stand.

The vehicle parked at the corner causes traffic jams, forcing vehicles going West in wrong side, head on to the oncoming traffic, like the school bus.

It is ridiculous violation and abuse of traffic laws, apart from basic courtesy.

You are once again requested to use your good offices to set right this unfortunate situation, and clear unauthorised vehicles from the area, before it becomes the parking location for goods vehicles, water tankers,m contract buses, like Dharavi and other unauthorised commercial areas.




On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 9:30 PM, Jagdeep DESAI <> wrote:
Dear Ameet,

Reference the telecon earlier today.

The situation has really deteriorated and become worse in the past few weeks.

There is no control any more on the movement of heavy vehicles, and even MTP tow chains, even after the speed breakers have been installed.

Take a look at the pictures, 2178 onwards, and see how many tankers within a ten minute period on 2012 MAR 19, at around 10h30.

Tankers coming from Sai Jyote side, from S V Road side, from Lallubhai Park side, all at once.

First the Durga tanker was parked at no parking outside Lallubhai Park, then after I told him, he went opposite Rajasthan Hostel, and blocked the traffic, then he went a little further, again blocked traffic, then took U turn, and then went towards bridge filling valve.

These water tanker drivers think that this is their property, Fine Aqua, Aqua, Durga, Surya, Somaperumal, Purshottam, Rohit, Sanjay, and other contractors are above the law.

It is reasonably expected that the MTP discipline them at least for the safety of the pedestrians, because even the MTP tow chain and MCGM garbage compactor drivers are totally arrogant and could not care less about traffic rules, driving recklessly, rashly, and very dangerously, stopping wrong side, etc.

Trucks are being parked overnight, see BLR container truck, MH 04 EB 2143.

Kindly use your good offices to bring the required level of discipline in this matter.

Two other pictures, 2184 and 2185 are outside 62, but shows how the MCGM, MTP, are no more bothered about cattle on the roads, and dumper parked on the foot paths, not only damaged by the heavy vehicle, but blocking pedestrians.

Is this how a civilised Society goes about their daily lives.




On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 7:42 PM, Jagdeep DESAI <> wrote:
Dear Ameet,

Further to our discussion on the traffic situation in Ward 62, and points as per email of 2012 FEB 25, enclosed below, here is a communication to the AMC and Sr. PI, D N Nagar Traffic Chowkie for your information and immediate affirmative action.

You may know, that Lallubhai Park area, as specified in the notification of the DCP, Traffic Police, in 2009 OCT, was a no entry to heavy vehicles zone, yet they were moving freely, the sign is still there.

Further, the AMC, City, has notified that water tankers and heavy vehicles are not permitted to be operated wiuthin 100 m of schools one hour before, upto one hour after opeing and closing hours of any school, as you can read in the communications below.

Further, the signal at Mahila Mandal Chowk is nowadays more broken than followed, because drivers are impatient, since the new flyovers have opened, the North to South signal is still taking much longer than required for the fewer numbers of vehicles, like to South to North signal.

As a consequence, the Lallubhai Road and Azad Lane vehicles waiting get extremely impatient, and in fact in the mornings till about 10h00, no one bothers to follow the signals any way.

A traffic constable, not a warden, is required to be on duty from early morning, preferable full day, along with his partner at the signal at the correct spot, not on the corner or inside Azad Lane just to catch signal breakers.

The idea is to prevent the violation, not catch one or two offenders.

Particularly worst are the BEST drivers, and the MCGM garbage compactor drivers, two wheelers, and of course, the MTP tow chains.

It is reasonably expected that drivers of public authorities, be the examples, Yatha Raja, Thatha Praja.

Further, water tankers are being parked in no parking zone on Lallubhai Road at will, and evn trucks are being parked overnight as if this is a commercial and industrial zone, as you can see in the pictures.

Delivery trucks of soft drinks also could not care less in parking wrong direction, on zebra crossing, exactly at the turn at Lallubhai Park, which is a blind corner, he nearly hit me head on, as can be seen in the pictures.

Private vehicles are also moving and parking wrong side at the corner stalls while buying and taking refreshments.

For this, it is imperative that MTP deploy constables on motor cycles, throughout the day for duty all along Lallubhai Park area, to constantly patrol for such illegal activities which are dangerous for pedestrians and other users.

Further,  median dividers, and preferably a traffic island, are required at that junction at the earliest.

The Ganpati pandal which is put up on the road can be adjusted accordingly within the median divider.

The traffic to and from Andheri station also needs to be realigned, entry from McDonalds side, and exit from MA high School side.

This can be shown on the plan in detail.

As you also see in the photos, MTP tow chains are equally guilty of breaking signals, and ghoing wrong side of the road.

In short, all this means rash, reckless, dangerous driving, pedestrians are toatlly inscure and afraid of walking, let alone crossing. since vehicles are parked on zebra lines, and wrong side of the roads.

For this, it is requested that the matter be taken up with the MTP and MCGM, and the same be resolved to the basic safety of the pedestrian and road users.

As you know, the undersigned will cooperate and assist in this.


Jagdeep DESAI


Founder Trustee
Forum for Improving Quality of Life in Mumbai Suburbs


Here are some for immediate reference and action, not in particular order of priority, and all are free to add, or delete  as per their best judgement

01 Vagrants, vagabonds, foot path dwellers have illegally occupied the spaces under the Gokhale fly over bridge, parts of the foot path on MA Road, ie, Andheri Station West Road, and in fact have taken over the foot path upto the first  Tata Colony gate.

This has made the place filthy, unsanitary, unhygienic, unsafe for pedestrians, and a night mare for vehicles, because of  the danger of accidents any time.

This has to be attended to on a permanent basis, by relocating and rehabilitating these deprived people, after all they are homeless, by the MCGM, and other government authorities, in appropriate shelters, etc

02 The conditions on Andheri Station West Road, towards the station itself are not only disorganised and disorderly at the best of times, but  in fact, a disgrace in this day and age.

The BEST chowkie, the MCGM SWD chowkie, the work site containers of the completed fly over arms, the debris, material, haphazardly parked BEST buses, MCGM garbage compactors and dumpers, private contract buses, towed two and four wheelers, tow chains, wrong side driving by all, stopping and halting in the middle of the road by auto rikshas, taxis, delivery vehicles, BEST buses etc., makes all a total free for all.

No time is exempt from this, passengers being dropped very early morning for out station trains, or returning late night, can't be dropped or picked up even basically, because there is no specified loading and unloading areas, and the crowds are such that no one can spot their passengers, etc

Though everyone knows the situation, it is truly a scene of utter and miserable chaos.

03 The illegal hawkers have occupied the foot paths, the roads, and even the  dabba wallahs, though doing a great service, have no problem in taking up BEST bus stop area for sorting their dabbas for delivery, and all help createtraffic blockage, etc

The illegal hawkers also have taken over S V Road as well, and leave no space on the foot path for pedestrians to walk, creating further jam on S V Road

04 CNG filling at the petrol pump on S V Road causes huge jam on S V Road because the autos rikshas wait in single and double lines, blocking the BEST bus stops, etc.

The timing has to to only between 11.00 pm and 7.00 am

05 Illegal auto rikshas are being operated on Dena Bank Road and cause dangerous conditions because they are driven rashly, recklessly, and wrong side, aprked double at the corner, etc

06 Illegal operation of water tankers against the notification of DMC, MCGM, which clearly state that no water tankers or heavy vehicles like garbage compactors to be allowed one hour before and upto one hour after school hours.

These are being driven recklessly, rashly and dangerously.

The water tankers are also driven recklessly, rashly, dangerously, and parked any where and drive in wrong way.

The MCGM garbage compactors are also being driven recklessly and rashly, and in the wrong direction

There are three schools in the area, M A High School, Tiny Tots, Angel Land

07 Illegal private tow chains are being used by the MTP, which are registered in Thane, MH 04, and are vehicles with black on white number plates, which are unauthorised to be hired or rented or loaded with two wheelers on the rear floor.

The tow chain operators are also not authorised to open any vehicle and tow away vehicles without written permission stating vehicle number from the senior officer in the MTP chowkie, which as been directed by the relevant Mumbai High Court orders.

Meantime, the MTP owned tow chains are lying underutilised and poorly maintained, so that they are not usable, and by virtue of this, use more and more private two chains

08 Foot paths in the area are missing, broken, poorly maintained, and dangerous for all, specially senior citizens, and those physically challenged.

These have to restored, rebuilt, and maintained appropriately.

Raised pedestrian zebra crossings, like in Pune,  need to be put on all junctions like Rajiv Gandhi Chowk, Mahila Mandal Chowk, and other such major crossings.

09 Median dividers, traffic islands and similar traffic calming features have to be restored at Lallubhai Park junction, Azad Lane both ends, Rajiv Gandhi Chowk, etc., clear, parking and no parking arwas to be distinclty demarcated on all roads, to make the Ward 62 the model traffic arae, safe for pedestrians

10 Traffic into, and out of, has to be realigned for Andheri Station West, from MA Road entry to McDonalds side entry.

Details, benefits, disadvantages can be discussed

11 Heavy vehicles no entry in Lallubhai Park area has to be enforced as per ACP, MTP notification of 2009

12 Illegal hawkers in all Ward 62 have to be cleared



Press Note 

                  In view of the proposed work of the fly over including subway across S. V. Road on Barfiwala Lane and Gokhale Bridge in the limits of the D.N.Nagar Traffic Division at Andheri (W) and in order to prevent danger, obstruction and inconvenience to the public , followingtraffic arrangements has been made effective from 28th October 2009 

1) The C.D.Barfiwala lane, Andheri (W) shall be 'One Way' for all types motor vehicles from Shivprasad Hotel Junction towards S.V. Road ( i.e.from West direction to East direction )  for 24 hrs., i.e. there shall be 'No Entry' for all types of motor vehicles on the C. D. Barfiwala lane, Andheri (W) from its junction with S. V. Road towards Shivprasad Hotel Junction for 24 hrs.

2)     Parking of all types of   motor vehicles shall be prohibited on either sides of the C.D.Barfiwala lane, Andheri (W), for 24 hrs.

3)     The Azad Lane , Andheri (W) shall be 'One Way' for all types motor vehicles from S. V. Road ( Mahila Mandal Junction ) towards Gulmohar Road & C. D. Barfiwala Road Junction  ( i.e.from East direction to Wast direction )  for 24 hrs., i.e. there shall be 'No Entry' for all types of motor vehicles on the Azad lane, Andheri (W) from Gulmohar Road & C. D. Barfiwala Road Junction towards S. V. Road ( Mahila Mandal Junction )  for 24 hrs. 

4)     Parking of all types of   motor vehicles shall be prohibited on either sides of the Azad lane, Andheri (W), for 24 hrs.

5)     The Lallubhai Park Road , Andheri (W) shall be 'One Way' for all types motor vehicles from  its  junction with  M. A. Road  towards its junction with S. V. Road ( Mahila Mandal Junction )  for 24 hrs., i.e. there shall be 'No Entry' for all types of motor  vehicles  on the Lallubhai  Park Road,  Andheri ( W )  from  S. V.  Road  ( Mahila Mandal Junction ) towards its  junction  M. A. Road Andheri (W) ,  for 24 hrs. 

6)     Parking of all types of   motor vehicles shall be prohibited on either sides of the Lallubhai Park Road, Andheri (W), for 24 hrs.

7)     Movements of Heavy Motor Vehicles & All Goods Motor Vehicles shall be prohibited on the above said Roads, i.e. C. D. Barfiwala Road, Azad Lane , Lallubhai Park Road, Andheri (W) ,  for 24 hrs. 


Please forward this message to your friends who may be interested in having traffic updates of Mumbai City.Issued in public interest by Traffic Police H.Q, 87, Sir Pochkhanwala Road, Worli  Mumbai.

For details please log on


              ( Anu Manish Bhitre)                               

 Dy. Commissioner of Police,(Suburban) Traffic Control Branch,  Mumbai.

Communication address


On\n, Nov 20, 2011 at 11:31 AM, Jagdeep DESAI <> wrote:
2011 NOV 20

The AC
K West

Senior PI
D N Nagar Traffic Chowkie


In reference to this report, referring to the circular by the AMC, Projects, MCGM

It is observed that this circular is not being followed by the K West, MCGM,  as of 2011 NOV 15, for its own filling valve under the Gokhale Flyover Bridge, Andheri West,which is well within the 100m restricted zone as directed by the AMC, Projects, MCGM, as the Sheth M A High School is just across the road, and large numbers of students havbe to walk to the Andheri Station, take school buses, etc., all the while the water tankers are racing to fill their tanks and get back as soon as possible for their next trip throughout the day, not observing the time restrictions.

Apart from that, there are two other schools in the Lallubhai Park area, which also have different timings, and there are private tube wells withing 100m of these two schools also, and all these water tankers are driven rashly and recklessly, stop in the middle of the road,m corners, wrong side, etc.

Besides, the MTP is not taking action against the water tankers, apart from the 10000 litre, ie, just the water weighing over 10 tones when full, and what to say about the 20000 litre ones, water weighing over 20 tonnes when full, when they are operating in the area of Lallubhai Park, which is declared a no entry to heavy vehicles zone from 2009 OCT, as per notification by the ACP Traffic, MTP.

Further, there is the D N Nagar Traffic Chowkie just next to this water valve, so there is absolutely no reason why the tankers should not be compounded.

Apart from the small fact that none of these water tankers would pass the vehicle passing rules, worn out tyres, illegal horns, operating without PUC, water tank not fit for potable water, some were seen as being chemical tankers prior to changeover to water tankers, without any evidence of the tank being cleaned and made fit for water, etc.

It is unfortunate that the notifications by ACP, Traffic, MTP, of 2009, as well as the latest one by AMC, Projects, MCGM, are being ignored on the ground.


Jagdeep DESAI





Curbs on water tankers filling up near schools

Shawan Sen, TNN | Nov 8, 2011, 12.31AM IST

MUMBAI: Water tankers parked near schools is a common sight, risking the lives of thousands of children. Realizing the impending danger, the civic body has issued a circular to ward officers restricting tanker-filling activity near private and public schools.

The tankers fetch water from wells near schools, hindering "free movement of school children, their parents and school buses". In addition to inconvenience, the safety of children is endangered, said municipal commissioner Subodh Kumar.

The civic body has restricted the tanker-filling activity on municipal roads in a 100-metre zone on all approach roads to the schools. The zone includes the approach road (main roads leading to the approach road as well as by lanes bifurcating approach roads and back-lanes) on which the school gate is located.

Tanker-filling will have to be stopped one-and-a-half hours prior and an hour later to the beginning of the school session, and an hour prior and after the ending of every school session. For instance, if the school session begins at 7:30 am and ends at 12:30, tanker-filling on approach roads will be stopped from 6 am to 8:30 am and 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. The same restriction is applicable to the afternoon session.

Ward officers will be responsible for the implementation of the circular, which will come into effect from November 15. In case of violation, a notice will be issued to the premise owners where the wells are located. Action will also be taken against tank owners for violation of timings. Written warnings for first two failures will be sent to the premise owner and the tank owner. Despite two warnings, if the civic body catches them, the pump and tanker licence will be forfeited.

"The circular was issued from the security point of view. It was posing a great danger to the security of school children. Water spillage can take place, limiting free movement of children near schools," additional municipal commissioner Rajiv Jalota said. On whether there was resistance from the tanker lobby, he said, "We have not yet received any complaint. We have given all necessary requirements of the civic body as far as water-filling is concerned."


Schools welcome buffer zones; cops sceptical

Shawan Sen, TNN | Nov 8, 2011, 12.03AM IST

MUMBAI: The idea of preventing water tankers from plying near schools has been welcomed by the school fraternity, but has not gone down well the tankers' association.

Experts feel that there is a need for more buffer zones around schools, restricting the entry of dumpers and private buses. The traffic department, however, is sceptical about the initiative, citing practical difficulties.

Many schools across the city are on busy roads-like Bombay Scottish, J B Petit, Villa Teresa and Jamnabai Narsee School--which means buses and private cars, which ferry children to school, clogging roads. Dumpers and other heavy vehicles are often spotted outside schools, restricting the movement of children. "It is a good idea to prevent water tankers from moving around near schools. Soon after the school session, children tend to move around the streets in a very disorderly manner. Heavy vehicles plying around the schools pose a great danger as any untoward incident can take place. The civic body should issue a circular preventing heavy vehicles from plying near schools when the session is on," said Shankar Yamaji Pawar, principal, Pushpa Park School, Malad (E).

Congress corporator Sameer Desai told TOI, "I welcome the idea but like several other circulars issued by the civic body, I am skeptical about its implementation. It is a very noble idea, preventing untoward incidents near schools, but only if its execution is proper."

The tankers' association, however, slammed the civic body for targeting them. "There has been no such accident near schools. There is no rational behind the decision. The vehicles are stationary when the tanks are being filled. So, how can them harm anyone," said Rajesh Thakur, a member of the Water Tankers' Association.

On the need for more buffer zones near schools, additional commissioner (traffic) Brijesh Singh told TOI, "It is impractical to create the zones due to practical difficulties such as space. There aren't enough alternative routes."


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Saturday, April 28, 2012

[rti4empowerment] Longest 'One man' agitation against corruption and land mafia




The Limca Book of records says about him- "Longest dharna

The one-man agitation of Master Vijay Singh, a school teacher from Chausana village in Muzaffarnagar, UP entered its 16th year on Feb 26, 2011. He has been sitting on satyagraha in front of the office of District Magistrate, Muzaffarnagar since 1996. It all started once after he unearthed a fraud-illegal possession of about 400 acres of farmland and other public properties worth Rs 90 crore - by land mafias in his village. He is determined to continue the fight for justice till the entire grabbed land is restored to the government or distributed among the landless poor."

Similarly, India Book of Records says- "His agitation is the longest 'one man agitation' against corruption and powerful public land mafia in his own village. It is based on the non-violence concept of Gandhi Ji. As a result of this, about 300 bighas of land has been freed from illegal processors."

Master Vijay Singh is in Lucknow these days where he has come to meet the highest authorities to get government support in his life-long endeavour. I had been reading about his being in Lucknow in the different newspapers. Hence, it came as a genuinely pleasant surprise when he called me yesterday evening saying that he wanted to meet us at our house at Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

It was going to be a privilege and an elevating experience and that is what it actually turned out to be when he came today morning. He came walking from his place of stay in the same way he has walked over 610 Kilometers of distance from Muzaffarnagar to Lucknow.

An extremely simple, down to Earth, smiling and endearing personality, he is prone to smiling and laughing but this outwardly charm shall not let anyone assume him as being a simpleton or a fool. He is a man of steel because he knows what he wants in life. He knows that he has to fight against all those people who have illegally grabbed the government land, in the shape of Village society land, Nazul land, other government land and has to get this land freed. For this purpose, he can go to any extent. This is exactly what he has done. For the last 16 years, he has been living on a small part of Veranda in front of the District Magistrate Office in Muzaffarnagar, which is his living place, his house or whatever you might call it. His food gets cooked there and he stays there as long as something very urgent does not need him to leave this place.

While this simple looking person might look very innocuous and harmless, he is a most dangerous person for all the land grabbers of the area. He has faced threats of all kinds including the threat of being murdered, in case he did not mend his ways and did not give up his endeavour. But this stubborn person knows no bounds and he did not leave his attempts mid way, come what may.

He told me and wife Nutan that his only principle of life is that one shall never give up and one shall never make haste. He told that when he started this journey some 17 years ago, he was only a school teacher who hardly knew anything about the world. When he initially started his protest/ agitation, no one took him seriously and he was ignored by one and all. When he still prolonged the Dharana, he was given all kinds of serious threats. It was much later in his life, many years later, that he was given some serious thoughts. Till now he has got 136 cases registered in various Revenue and Civil Courts for getting the government land freed from illegal occupation.

One important thing that Vijay Singh said again and again is that he has always found the Media extremely cooperative in his efforts all through his life. He says that whatever he is today and whatever success he has got so far, a sufficiently large credit for this goes to the Media. He is also of the opinion that Media always supports a right cause and the transformation in Indian society owes a lot to the Indian Media. Thus, here we find a person who is not ungrateful to Media while still getting its support or using it for their own purpose.

When we called our children Tanaya and Aditya to get some learning from Master Vijay Singh, he told them that he is not very good in English and the only English phrase he knows is- "When the muscles say No, I say yes."

Keep it up Master Vijay Singh. We are proud to have people like him.

Amitabh Thakur
IPS officer from Uttar Pradesh, related with National RTI Forum
# 94155-34526



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