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[rti4empowerment] Who is the Guru?? (From the CYBUGLE Archives) [2 Attachments]

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This was an article I wrote a long time back for the CYBUGLE Newsletter
Obviously with inputs from the Mahabharat.

Today on the occassion of Guru Purnima, it only seems right to repost it.

Wish you all the best on Guru Purnima.
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Who is the Guru??
During one of his sojourns, the preceptor gave
his students a thin book to learn from
while He was away ... for about a week
On his return, He asked them all whether they had learned the lessons
He had given them .. All answered positively except his favourite student
He had not done the lessons ...)
The teacher asked him again in the hope that maybe
there was some communication problem thing ..
Maybe he hadn't heard him well
The student again answered that he had learned only one line from the book ..
The teacher blew his top so to say ...
ONE WEEK and only a line .. and the boy had the impudence to say
He had learnt just one line ....
The Guru smacked the boy across his face ...
The boy kept his face down in complete submission to his Guru ..
The Guru's face was still livid with rage ...
Again He asked him "How much did you learn?"
(Maybe the boy was joking at the Guru's expense)
"One line" answered the boy ...
This one resounded in the ashram ....
Even the other disciples were beginning to feel for one of their own now
The Guru asked him to get out of his sight ...
Wiping away tears, the boy went to a secluded corner of the Ashram
while the rest went about their duties
Time it is said is the best healer ...
In a couple of hours as the Guru had cooled down and was handling
other matters, He thought over the incident again ...
He felt sorry for the boy  ...
He had never slapped any boy in his ashram ..
and the boy was his favourite ....
He sent for the boy ...
The boy stood before him humble in his manner ..
The guru placed his hand on the boy's head and gently asked him,
"My dear, Show me ..
What is the one line you have learnt?"
The student opened the book to the first page and the only line
He had taken over a week to learn ...
"Learn to control and be a master of your anger"
The Guru's hand trembled as the book slipped out of it ...
His heart filled up with remorse and guilt ...
He was the Guru and it was his duty to teach the students about Life
But in a week, the boy had learnt a lesson that He (the Guru) had failed
He embraced the boy hiding his tears ...
The student had taught the teacher ..
The Child had become the father of Man ...
The boy grew up to be known as Dharmraj Yudhisthir
and the Guru as Guru Dronacharya

Author - Rahul
I remember reading this story years ago and how it affected me ..
Yudhisthir did exactly what is required to make good work in real Life ...
He took the lessons (idealism) from the book and brought it into real life ...
He gave them form in real life ......
No wonder the epithet "Dharmraj" became his Title of address
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With best wishes,
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