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[rti4empowerment] Right to Privacy enshrined in Hinduism


The Supreme Court has convened a nine judge bench to decide whether Indians have a fundamental Right to Privacy.

This is because of the invasive and surveillance nature of Aadhar.
And the government is hell bent on proving its stance based on some so called noble reason of ensuring  justice and preventing tax evasion.

To begin with, At the very outset, its disturbing that something as natural as need for privacy has to be
debated over.

Perhaps it is wise to begin this discussion by revisiting our scriptures on this issue.

The story of the birth of Shri Ganesha is well know to every Hindu.

Lord Shiva on returning from his divine sojourns would inadvertantly come upon his
wife in various immodest stages such as when she would be taking a bath.
He would justify his unannounced intrusions as his conjugal right.

The Goddess still did not like her privacy thus disturbed.
So, as one version of the story goes, she created a child out of the clay formed from the dust on her body (or as per another version from the paste of besan that she had washed of her body) and breathed Life into him.

Naming the child Vinayaka, she gave him her power (shakti) and entrusted him with the task of guarding her privacy while she took her bath.

The child felt very important that his mother had trusted him with something and he was fully serious in
ensuring that he performed to her satisfaction.

In due course, Shiva came home, only to find this strange boy telling him he couldn't enter his own house!

Furious, Shiva ordered his army to destroy the boy, but they all failed! Such was the power Ganesha
possessed, being the son of Devi Herself!

Enraged, the usually peaceful Shiva in his divine fury severed Ganesha's head, killing him instantly.

The rest of the story is known as how inorder to mollify the Goddess, an elephants head was substituted and the boy was brought back to Life and accorded the status of first worship before any other god thus ensuring his permanent place in the Hindu pantheon.

What does one take from the story?
Apart from the many metaphorical spiritual truths that one can glean from the above, a part that has really got very little attention is the one about privacy.

After all, isn't that what the whole issue is about.

Observe in the above story that Goddess Parvati values her privacy even against her own husband.
This is not to be taken in a wrong sense or to denote any marital problems between the two.
Rather its one of the healthiest relationship idea/stand that comes from the scriptures.

That individual space is a must even over and above that most intimate of human relationships of Man and Wife.

The idea that an individual has a personal aspect different from that defined by society which needs its own space to flourish and grow has never been established more strongly than by Goddes Parvati herself.

and it is THIS very idea that is at stake in the courts now.
The Aadhar program completely violates this idea by giving the Government complete monitoring control
over your Life.

In a sense it is in direct confrontation with Lord Ganesh's existence.
He, who manifested himself to protect privacy,
His very existence is now challenged by the Aadhar program

Will the Supreme Court take notice? *:-? thinking
To be continued.....

Personal opinion :
Opinions may differ from person to person. Each and every opinion has to be respected.

But Here's what is happening :

The authorities/Government are making every possible effort to spy on each and every activity of the respectable citizens of the country.

They want to know your income : Hence, they want to link your bank account with Aadhar.

They want to know about your property : Hence, they want to link you PAN card with Aadhar.

They want to know what and all you purchase for your daily activities : Hence, they are pushing for digital transactions using bank account (Aadhar linked).

They want to know with whom and all you talk daily ;and with whom and all you have personal contacts :
Hence, they want to link you mobile number with Aadhar.

They want to know where you travel daily, which places you visit : Hence, Aadhar made mandatory for Railways/train(IRCTC) booking. They are also thinking of making Aadhar mandatory for flight/bus booking.

They want to know what health you have : Hence, they are also pushing for linking your health conditions with Aadhar.

They want to know about your driving conditions : Hence, they have made Aadhar compulsory for new Driving license.

No financial privacy, No personal privacy, No health privacy, No travel privacy
.............................................................................. the list is adding day by day. No one can understand where we are moving.

They are Intruding into the privacy of individuals in the name of service to society.

How correct is it ? Wide discussions and debates need to be held regarding this.....

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